Everyone in the office is super nice and very helpful! They don't just treat back or neck pain; they treat the whole body in order to achieve overall well being. I first went to Portland Chiropractic in hopes that getting my spine aligned and allowing the nervous system to work at its full capacity would help my digestive issues. I have been very happy with the results! Dr. Barker is very knowledgeable and not only restores the spine to a healthy state, but also guides patients in proper nutrition and provides supplements right there in the office. The body is meant to heal itself, all it needs is the right tools.

-Emily H.

Dr. Gary Barker is the best Chiropractor that I have ever used and I have seen many times.

-Anthony J.

I didn’t really expect much improvement but every time I go I feel better. I would recommend Dr. Barker to anyone. I even get up in the morning without hurting. Who knew. I am thrilled with my improvement.

-Candace J.

Very helpful and appreciate the genuine concern.

-Terry P.