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Dr. Gary Barker provides quality chiropractic care to patients in Portland, TN. Whether you're searching for effective pain relief or a way to boost whole body wellness, Portland Chiropractic can help.

Portland Chiropractic has served the community for over 20 years and focuses on wellness care for the entire family. Our mission at Portland Chiropractic is to help Portland Chiropractic patients enhance the function of their bodies, which in turn improves overall well-being. This commitment to overall wellness is part of what makes us different from other Portland chiropractors.

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For over 20 years, Portland Chiropractic has focused on restoring your health and function naturally. As Dr. Gary Barker explains, “Life can be stressful. But our bodies are designed to be healthy. Our bodies are not meant to rely on drugs for health – we are self-healing, self-regulating organisms.”

Optimizing your overall health and well-being, and restoring normal, healthy function to your body is what we’re all about at Portland Chiropractic. If you are ready to live a healthier life – naturally – and enjoy the improved quality of life that chiropractic can provide, give us a call to schedule your first appointment.

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This pain is getting worser by the hour
Back Pain Treatment
medical illustration of inflamed sciatic nerve
Sciatica Treatment
Painful neck ache after fender bender car crash
Neck Pain Treatment
There is no way I can work with this headache
Headache Treatment
Family has fun playing in the field
Kids Chiropractic
I can feel babys heartbeat.
Pregnancy & Chiropractic
Dangerous accident during work
Work Injury Treatment
Concerned driver with defocused traffic accident
Auto Injury Treatment
Sportsman feeling backache at a park
Sports Injury Treatment

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